Headshot / Resume

Height:        6’ 3”                   Eyes:          Blue

Weight:        185                     Hair:           Brown




Second City Theatricals                     Ensemble            Norweigan Cruise Line (NCL Pride)

Second City Theatricals                     Ensemble            Norweigan Cruise Line (NCL Star)

Mr. Worm                                          Sketch                 iO West

Top Story! Weekly                              Sketch                 iO West

Improvised Prom                                Ensemble            Second City Hollywood

Sketch Bench 3D!                              Ensemble            Second City Hollywood

McShane                                            Improviser           ‘09 LA Improv Fest Winners

Stand Up Comedy                             Performer             Performed across America

December, Wow!                               Sketch                  Westside Eclectic

Deskpiece Nation                              Sketch                   iO West

Right Click if You Love Me                Ensemble               Second City Hollywood

Bro Squad 5                                      Improv/Sketch       Second City Hollywood

Bingo                                                 Improv/Sketch       Second City Hollywood

Dirtiest Sketch Competition               Sketch                    Upright Citizens Brigade

Graveyard Smash                              Improviser              Improv Inferno (Ann Arbor, MI)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream             Demetrius               Pigeon Creek Players





Reverse Polygamists (Pilot)                      Lead                 dir. Gregory Gutierrez

Plea Bargain Advertising                          Co-Star            Independent Comedy Network

Silent Footsteps                                        Lead                 Short Film

School of the Dead                                   Lead                 Short Film





Second City Hollywood                            Acting/Improv            Conservatory Graduate

Improvisation for Television                       Improv                       Taught by Tom Lennon

Upright Citizens Brigade – LA                   Improv                       Levels 1 through 4

The Westside Eclectic                               Improv                       Levels 1 through 5

Improv Inferno (Ann Arbor, MI)                   Improv                       Levels 1 through 3

Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase                 Stand Up Comedy     Taught by Chili Challis




Strong Improvisation Background (9 years), Stand Up Comedy, Guitar, Juggling, Bartending, Fencing, Bowling, Basketball, Baseball, Frisbee, Rock Climbing, Skydiving, Video Games, Firearms, Great with animals

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